The most movie-influenced Escape Rooms in Poland!

Join the game and become the main character of your favourite movie stories!

Escape rooms (real life escape game) have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the recent years. You have only 60 minutes to get out of a locked room full of ciphers, codes and puzzles. For this to happen, you have to show perceptivity, cleverness and logical thinking. With these you will be able to find the necessary information and solve all the puzzles that will lead you to the exit. It is not physical strength that counts here, but the power of your mind as well as the ability to cooperate and communicate efficiently. Will you be able to read all the tips, combine them and beat the clock? Check for yourself in Busters Escape Rooms!

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This weekend in Sopot was supposed to be the essence of your holidays! And it certainly was, as you did not treat yourselves nor your wallets gently. Waking up in the morning - alongside a headache - will bring a number of surprises, and you will realize that you have no idea where you are! Can you leave this place before getting caught by the owner? And what really happened last night?

 2-5    Intermediate    60 minutes


You have been planning this for a long time! After months of preparation you finally feel like this is the right moment for the heist of your life. One of the bribed employees of the bank even left you some instructions, so that the things can’t go wrong. Can you manage to find all instructions without leaving any trace? You may never see such an opportunity again!

 2-5    Intermediate    60 minutes


Since a gloomy psychiatrist has appeared in the area, due to the mysterious disappearances, a rumour about a marauding cannibal has been going round the city. Was going to his house in order to verify these rumors really a good idea? When the doors suddenly shut behind you, you will realize that at tonight's dinner you will be much more than just guests. Can you manage to save your neck?.

 2-5    Advanced    60 minutes

Test your skills against our unique rooms

Our games were built from the ground up with a focus on creating a fun and challenging experience for all players. Come in and see what we are about!

Another three movie-based rooms will be opened soon!

  • What is the game about?

    You have 60 minutes to get out of a locked room full of cleverly hidden hints. Subsequent puzzles will lead you to the exit. Be vigilant, because everything may not be what it seems to be at first glance!

  • Who is this game aimed at?

    The escape room game is an activity for everyone that is full of emotions! It's a great way to spend time with friends or family, but also great as a birthday gift, hen or bachelor party or corporate team building.

  • How many players at once?

    Each game has been designed for groups of 2 to 5 players. However, a bigger number of players is not a problem - you have 3 different scenarios at your disposal (and another 3 coming soon!). Divide into teams and compete between rooms!

  • What if the group does not speak Polish?

    Our rooms are available in two language versions - Polish and English. If your team includes players who do not speak Polish, let us know while booking and we will prepare the game in the English version for you!

  • Do I have to book a date?

    Booking isn't mandatory, but without it you can't be sure that the room you are interested in will be available at a time that is convenient for you. Use our booking system to make sure that the game will be available at a time that is suitable for you!

Busters Escape Rooms

Join the game and become the main character of your favourite movie stories!