Rules & FAQ

Answers to common questions

How long is the game?

The time provided for each game is 60 minutes. The remaining time will be counted down by the in-room clock. This way, you can keep track of how much time has left to the end of the game.

Where to look for tips?

Tips leading to solving puzzles can be hidden literally everywhere! In this game, you have to have eyes in the back of your head and look around very carefully! Every, even the smallest detail, can prove to be a valuable clue.

Why is it so important to cooperate?

Efficient communication between players has a decisive influence on the course of the game. The exchange of ideas will allow you to look at the task from different perspectives and to find a solution faster! Remember that not everything is as obvious as it might seem. Two heads (or more!) are better than one!

How to improve the course of the game?

First of all, do not let time pressure introduce chaos. Keep a calm approach to the tasks, analyse all possibilities and find the most logical solution. It may be helpful to save your ideas on a piece of paper, which you will find in the room. Try to keep the found objects and clues in one place - so that you will not look a second time for what has already been found by you.

What happens if we get stuck?

A moment of hesitation can happen even to the best players! If you acknowledge that you need help, the master of the game will guide you with the missing information. Throughout the game you will be allowed to use small hints. Remember, however, that you should not abuse them, because nothing gives bigger satisfaction than solving all the puzzles on your own - especially when the tasks appear to be complicated and demanding!

What if we can't open something?

All puzzles are designed so that the use of excessive physical force is not necessary. Therefore, if doors, furniture, padlocks or lockers can not be opened without the use of it, it probably means that you are using the wrong code or inadequate methods. Examine all the clues once again, and you will certainly find the right solution.

Can we take pictures during the game?

During the game, you should focus primarily on the game, because time is running out! Taking pictures in the middle of it is prohibited, because the game is more exciting when one does not know what awaits them, and the publication of photos of the interior of the rooms could spoil the surprise for the next players.

What if we break something?

As already mentioned, the game is based primarily on combining facts, perceptiveness and logical thinking. There are no puzzles which solution would require the use of force. So, if during the game you destroy any item deliberately, we will have to charge you for the cost of the losses incurred by us.

What if we run out of time?

When the clock counts down the final seconds, and you still can not manage to get out ... you lose. However, there is nothing that stands in the way of you coming back to try your hand once again in the same, or one of our other Escape Rooms!

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